Undressed Skin Care

Undressed Skin Care


      This is a prayed over line and it works to help us keep our skin looking good! But we pray over all our products!!! GOD Over Everything!!!

      Acne Line - For skin prone to breakouts and pimples. Use this line if you are dealing with acne. 

      How: Cleanse with the face wash morning and at night.  If you have an active breakout apply the mask and test to see if you may be able to sleep in it. If  you are not able to sleep in the mask leave it on for 20-30 minutes then rinse off, tone and apply the moisturizer. 

      If you can tolerate the mask over night, the next morning wash your face again and spray the toner on your skin. Pat it in then apply the moisturizer. 

      Turmeric Line - For Dark Spots. Use on your skin to treat dark spots left over from pimples. Cleanse your face morning and at night with the Turmeric Face Wash. At night apply the mask for 20+-30 minutes. Buff off with lukewarm water, Use the Turmeric Scrub 2-3 times per week to exfoliate dead skin. Rinse well, pat dry and apply serum and moisturizer. 

      In the day time moisturize with the Sun Block Face Cream and  if you want that healthy Glow that so many of you asked me about on my FaceBook live then grab the 

      Undressed Skin Turmeric Face Glow Oil Serum

      its all about nature + beauty

      When science & nature come together! We WIN!!!

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