Hair Porosity

Undressed Natural Hair Products

Porosity is a term we hear a lot when it comes to types of hair and what Porosity it is. Porosity is how your hair absorbs and maintains moisture. Additionally, it determines the flexibility of the hair cuticle and how well it can stay moisturized. 

Test for your type of Hair porosity - Get 3 See through cups and fill them with water. Take a few strands of your hair and add them to each water filled cup. If your hair falls to the bottom, you most likely have High Porosity type hair. If your hair floats in the middle of the water filled cup, you mostly likely have Medium Porosity Hair type. If you hair floats to the top of the water filled cup you most likely have low Porosity Hair type. 

Keep in mind that ALL hair is good hair, it may just be different!

Here are the 3 types of Hair Porosity

Low -

  • Has a tight cuticle and resists moisture
  • Is hard to process
  • More resistant to chemicals
  • More difficult to keep hydrated and moisturized

How to deal with this type and Ingredients that work well for Low Porosity Hair

  • Use conditioners and hydrating product that are lightweight and contains natural oils and butters
  • Use low heat or avoid when possible

Medium - 

  • Easy to keep moisturized
  • Easy to maintain styles
  • Easier to color, chemically relax 
How to deal with this type and Ingredients that work well for Medium Porosity Hair
  • Use lightweight moisturizers and oils
  • Do not use to much protein
  • Deep condition occasionally 

High - 

This type of hair may have damage in the cuticle layer, allowing too much moisture. Easily damaged, prone to tangling, hard to maintain, hard to keep moisturized and hydrated.

How to deal with this type and Ingredients that work well for High Porosity Hair

  • Use Butters, balms, and richer oils on hair 
  • Use Richer Leave in Moisturizers
  • Wash hair with moisturizing shampoos & conditioners
  • Deeply condition and keep hair hydrated